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Introducing IYA Flow

A revolutionary way to discover a lifestyle that you love and feel fulfilled. Discover more of who you are and the impact you make.


IYA Flow Peak Performance Lifestyle Coaching & Training was designed for leaders and solopreneurs who are passionate about their work yet feel burnt out and not fulfilled with their daily contribution.To reach your peak performance, your health is the number one priority.Create a lifestyle that works in Flow with what you want to accomplish while doing more of what you love and spending time with the people you value most.1:1 Coaching will support you in getting clear on what matters and define what your life of success and fulfillment will look like. Take action and have accountability for those moments you are unsure of and someone to cheer you on every step.

Team Workshops & Coaching

IYA Flow Workshops
In this 2-3 hour workshop, your team will learn about Flow and ways that you can trigger each part of the cycle and customize it to individual preferences.
During the workshop, you will be given a workbook for the team to create goals and a personalized plan to get into Flow and use as a guide daily.This is great for teams and organizations looking for a simple and effective way to work together and understand the power of focus that leads to a Flow state where you're in the zone.Inquire today for pricing, available onsite and online.Group Coaching is available & recommended to support your team in putting principles into practice for the best results.

Align & Flow

Could you tell me if you are aligned with your values? What is most important to you? What motivates you, and how can you contribute to the world in a meaningful way?Flow in a lifestyle that incorporates rest and recovery, so you're rejuvenated to do more with your time. Get creative and productive with your time.Align & Flow does more of what lights you up and experiences the life you desire.

The best way to build confidence is doing what you say you're going to do. Start small so that when life is coming fast with commitments you have the confidence to move forward.

How it works!

  • Define your Lifestyle to suit what works for you and what will lead to your ultimate success and fulfillment.

  • Clarify your WHY or reasons that you want to go for your goals and create a Peak Performance Flow Lifestyle

  • Create a vision of your future self in various areas to balance and harmony.

  • You can set goals and learn how to get into your Flow to create immediate action.

  • Complete a weekly challenge to get you out of your routine and create a new experience to build novelty and complexity into your life.

  • Build your confidence daily with simple rituals that add value to your goals and achieve your dreams.

  • Celebrate your dreams and goals and all you have done to define and explore your desired lifestyle.

Is IYA Flow For you?

Whether you are new to the idea of creating new habits, setting and going for your goals, or you've been doing it for years.IYA Flow Peak Performance Lifestyle 3 Month coaching is designed to support you in discovering more of what you love and creating a life you want—mixing peak performance with understanding the power of daily rituals and meaningful time to rest and rejuvenate.It's your time to thrive and build a burnout-proof lifestyle you love. That takes into account your health, well-being and wealth. Do more with less time and with a lot of Fun!

Meet Ali Houston

Hi, I’m Alison! aka AliFor many years I had been asking myself the same question: What do I really want?What will bring me fulfillment, freedom, and the money to do the things I really want to do?I did a lot of the ‘things’ you’re supposed to do: graduated College, worked hard, travelled a bit…rinse and repeat. Then went back to school, because I believed a Degree would help figure out the question of what I really wanted to do with my career and life. Another degree would have the answers for success and fulfillment.Obviously, it didn’t. I worked even harder and struggled a lot more to find purpose. It wasn’t ALL wasted time - I met some great people and developed some great time management skills. I did have fun, get my degree, AND work full-time all at once.You can have it all. And the secret is within YOU.I’m curious about human potential. I love things that save us time and can afford more space to do the things that are important. I’ve learned to do the things I love to do, not just have to do.Through self-discovery it is completely possible to design a life that you love, doing what you love and living the Rich lifestyle you desire.IYA Flow was once a dream, something I thought I would like to do for me. Supporting people to discover what they really want, help solopreneurs find ways to spread their love for what they do and earn a living at the same time.

Through the science of Flow and understanding more of what the mind/body/soul connection can do, I’ve built programs to support others to live their lives by design.I use the tools I teach daily, and I explore more of what our minds and bodies can do daily. I’m in the work building a life I love, doing what I love.You have the power to achieve everything you want.What do you want your journey to be? How do you want to explore and make your impossible desires a reality? A life where you make money doing what you are passionate about and guided towards your purpose.IYA It’s You Always!

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